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Theses (more to come soon - check back frequently!)

Shi 2014 Toronto MSc U Seismic Modeling
Guo 2015 MSc thesis University of Toronto Au Towards 3D direct current resistivity and induced polarization imaging
Blacklock 2015 BSc thesis Queens University Au Vein characterization using structural controls and petrographic analysis at Cartier Zone
Beauchamp 2014 MSc thesis École Polytechnique Montréal Au Étude de données magnétiques 3D en forage
Reman 2016 Waterloo BSc
Guffey 2017 Memorial MSc Geochemistry Uranium Site
Devine 2016 Ottawa MSc Radiogenic Elements Uranium Site
Sundaralingam 2017 BSc thesis Western University Au Vein pyrite composition as a potential vector
Raskevicius 2017 MSc thesis Université Laval Au Whole-rock d18O and d2H footprint
Li 2016 BSc Hons McArthur Boulder
Kamal 2017 BSc Thesis Chlorite
Joyce 2016 Queen's MSc McArthur River Alteration
Taves 2016 BSc thesis University of Waterloo Au Glacial dispersion of indicator minerals and geochemical pathfinders
D'Angelo 2016 Lakehead MSc