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Papers (many more in review or in press - check back frequently!)

Perrouty 2017 Ore Geology Reviews Au Structural interpretation
Bérubé 2018 Ore Geology Reviews Au Geostatistics
Gaillard 2018 Ore Geology Reviews Au Mineral chemistry
Byrne 2016 Geoscience BC Cu Lithogeochemistry and mineral chemistry_Report
Piette-Lauziere 2017 MERNQ Report MB 2017-05 Au Metamorphism_Report
Shamsipour 2017 Geophysics Geophysics and geostatistics
D'Angelo 2017 Economic Geology Cu Lithogeochemistry and mineral chemistry
Lypaczewski 2018 International Journal for Earth Observation and Geoinformation Au Hyperspectral
Beaudoin 2014 Economic Geology Au Discussion
Piercey 2014 Geoscience Canada QAQC
Fayol 2016 Precambrian Research Au Magnetic signatures
Piercey 2014 Geochemistry Exploration Environment Analysis PXRF data
Perrouty 2018 Mineralium Deposita Au Mafic dykes
Chouinard 2016 Geoscience BC Cu Quaternary lithogeochemistry_Report
Lesher 2017 Exploration 17 Au Project update
Bérubé 2017 Computers and Geosciences Au IP processing
Ferbey 2016 Geoscience BC Cu Quaternary lithogeochemistry_Report